Friday, 13 October 2017

Monkeypox: What students did to escape military medical outreach

Monkeypox: What students did to escape military medical outreach

A video footage showing the unrest caused by the rumors in Anambra state that Nigerian Army were allegedly injecting students in the state with the monkeypox virus has surfaced online.
As early as 10am on Wednesday, most schools in the state had sent their pupils home to join their parents, while others shut their gate against visitors, to resist the attempt of anyone coming in to immunize the children.
In the five minutes video posted on Facebook, Students from various schools were seen running in confusion around Eke Market in Awka.
They are believed to be running home as it was alleged that many students had died as a result of the vaccines.
However in a Press Release signed by the secretary to state government, Prof Solo Chukwulobelu, it was stated that the outreach was a well organized exercise, but said that it was unfortunate that the military did not announce the exercise or sensitize the people of the state before arriving.
The Army authorities were therefore advised to immediately put on hold the medical outreach until wide sensitization is conducted to reassure people of its intentions and benefits.

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